Posted on 24th April, 2018

It’s April already, which for those in Britain can only mean two things – Spring has finally sprung, and it’s also a perfect time for Q Acoustics to announce the successor to their award-winning 3000 series of loudspeakers.

Improving the company’s wildly successful 3000 series is no easy feat, but Q Acoustics explain that the update isn’t just a lick of paint and a few shiny new bits here and there.

Comprising two stand-mounts, a good-sized floor stander, and a matching centre and subwoofer, the all-new 3000i range is bolstered with the addition of ceiling and surface mount custom install speakers for those wishing to go the whole hog with a full DTS:X or Dolby Atmos Home Theatre system.

There are a number of refinements to the successful 3000 series, foremost among them is an improvement in cabinet construction – Q-Acoustics trademarked P2P (Point to Point) bracing system is employed across the entire range, allowing for stiffer, more inert cabinets than the earlier 3000 series.

The new tweeters are effectively decoupled from the baffle of each 3000i speaker by way of a compliant suspension system, which is said to reduce vibration from the mid-bass units and allows the tweeter to carry out its HF role without interference.

The mid-bass drivers have also seen improvements – a newly developed low-hysteresis rubber surround allows excellent compliance, while the new impregnated paper-cone ensures the driver can accelerate without cone flex and also offers a reduced level of unwanted resonance.

The floor-standing Q3050i (RRP $1699) also packs HPE (Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser) technology within its elegant cabinet. HPE tubes are located at critical areas internally to reduce standing waves, eliminating vibration that can kill a loudspeakers sound-staging and imaging ability.

Cabinet dimensions for both 3010i (RRP $499) and 3020i (RRP $649) have increased over the earlier models – as they are a touch taller and around 25% deeper than their 3000 series equivalents, they produce deeper, more room filling bass without overhang or boom.

The impressive 3060S subwoofer (RRP $899) differs markedly from its predecessor with a single 200mm side-firing driver replacing the twin 170mm units on the 3070S, and the built-in amplifier module is 150 watts of Class-D instead of the earlier models 140w Class-AB. The svelte 3060S is also wall mountable with an optional wall bracket, and apartment dwellers or anyone with space constraints will find this option extremely handy indeed.

Rounding out the 3000i roster is the 3090Ci Accurate Centre Speaker (RRP $449). Equipped with two 100mm main drivers (as used in the 3010i) and the same 22mm soft-dome tweeter common to all speakers in the range (sub excluded), the 3090Ci is voice-matched to deliver crisp, clear dialogue and blend in seamlessly with the other speakers when used in a Home Theatre configuration.

The familiar curved top/bottom aesthetic of the 3000 series has been retained of course, along with classy unseen magnets for the supplied grilles. New low-profile banana plug inserts are used for each enclosure rather than using a conventional terminal block – this increases the structural integrity of each cabinet. Structural integrity in loudspeaker terms means less resonance and vibration, and that should mean better sound quality. Finishes include Arctic White, Graphite Grey, Carbon Black and a real wood English Walnut veneer.

Q Acoustics have incorporated technology used in their High-End Concept range to improve the already acclaimed 3000 series, the uncomplicated, yet clean and elegant appearance of the very affordable 3000i series should prove popular with Kiwi audiophiles and HT aficionado’s alike.

Mark Coory of Capisco, who distributed Q Acoustics in New Zealand has advised StereoNET that stock of the 3000i series will arrive late May, and will be available in Arctic White and Carbon Black only.

For more information visit Q Acoustics.

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