New Direction for Antipodes Audio

Posted on 23rd August, 2015
New Direction for Antipodes Audio

Antipodes Audio, the New Zealand manufacturer most famous for their music servers, has announced the appointment of Pure Music Group as the sole Australian dealer for their range or products.

Customers can now order online directly from the Pure Music Group website, or if they would like a demonstration they can find out where the closest audition location is.

The new announcement by Antipodes Audio states:

Removal of the distribution layer from the pricing structure enables a reduction in prices making Antipodes Music Servers much more affordable.

Warwick Freemantle, Managing Director of Australian distributor Pure Music Group told StereoNET:

Antipodes Music Servers are easily the best digital source we have heard when partnered with a quality DAC. They combine a low noise floor with an absence of “digital hash” that normally permeates digital sound. This makes Antipodes sound extremely clear, clean and intelligible. The high frequencies are very pure and the low frequencies have power and genuine transparency. The dimensionality of the midrange is beguiling and it is very easy to get lost in the music.

The model range has now been updated with a totally new third generation DS Series and enhancements to the flagship DX Series. The DX remains as the flagship model.

The new third generation DS is said to deliver significant improvements in sound quality over previous models.  The DS also has a larger case with more effective heat sinks, allowing the DS to be configured in a wide range of variations.  The DS has been released in its base form, with storage up to 4TB using quiet 2.5” drives, and with an external SMPS power supply.  A range of additions and upgrades will be released during 2015, and the base DS will become upgradable in steps, up to a level approaching the DX in sound quality.  Prices for the DS Series start at $2,900.

The DX Series now has an upgraded output board and a number of detail refinements that enhance the sound quality even more than was already class leading. Prices for DX Series start at $6,900.

Freemantle continued:

Prior to acquiring an Antipodes Music Server my attention span with digital was about 20 minutes. After that I was ready to get back to a turntable again. With the Antipodes in my system I am happy to listen to digital all day without losing interest in the music. This is a first for me.

For more information visit Pure Music Group.

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