Posted on 7th March, 2018

The iconic Brit company, Naim Audio, has gone from strength to strength over the last few years with their acclaimed Uniti network components, and in 2018 have three new network players on the verge of release.

Three years in the making from design to conception, Naim has brought their network player offerings very much up to date with the latest in technology and internet streaming service support.

An all-new streaming engine has been developed for the ND5-XS2, NDX-2 and ND-555, and the flexibility endowed by each component is impressive. How about integrated Tidal support, in-built Chromecast, APTX-HD Bluetooth, Airplay, Spotify Connect, Internet Radio and UPnP support for starters?

They also have coax and optical SPDIF inputs/outputs and as such can be used as a D/A Converter for other digital components if so desired.

All three players can be used in a multi-room configuration and are also RoonReady, topping off a somewhat flawless feature count.

Both the NDX-2 and flagship ND-555 feature 5-inch TFT displays (no display on the ND5-XS2) for useful track information at a glance, while all three devices are ably supported by Naims excellent smartphone/tablet app (Android/iOS).

Purchase either the ND-555 or NDX-2 and Naim will throw in its dedicated Zigbee remote control as a bonus.

Naim is rightfully proud of the range-topping ND-555. The first Network product to join the 500 series, the ND-555 is a premium design with trickle-down technology derived from their Statement range.

This tasty device uses Low-Voltage Differential Signalling (LVDS) for its high definition audio characteristics, and as an added extra will use less power while in operation. Never has saving money on the power bill sounded so good!

Styling for all three devices is the now familiar classic Naim slimline casework - the ‘hewn from solid’ front fascia has a minimal button count (only the power button exists on the ND5-XS2) to keep things tidy and elegant.

Naim is represented in New Zealand by N.A Distributors who told us that further product information, availability and pricing will be confirmed at an official launch later this month. Stay tuned for details.

I had the privilege of a listening session with the now venerable CD-555 when it was first launched, and I can’t wait to now hear the network equivalent.

For more information visit Naim Audio.

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