Mike Perez Joins StereoNET North America Team

Posted on 19th August, 2021
Mike Perez Joins StereoNET North America Team

StereoNET is pleased to welcome Mike Perez as the first appointment to our team for the newly established StereoNET North America region.

StereoNET operates independent publications in Australia and New Zealand, Southeast Asia, United Kingdom, and North America. With nearly one million readers per month across all regions, StereoNET is dedicated to delivering the latest news and comprehensive product reviews across hi-fi, headphones, home theater, and the broader consumer audio-video category.

Mike joins the team as a writer, photographer and audio enthusiast based out of Denver, Colorado. 

Raised in the suburbs of Southern California, Michael had two definitive early interests, which were Photography and Writing. His late father bought him his first camera, and it just went from there. He spent most of his free time daydreaming with a pair of headphones in his ears. Music had already become a creative conduit for Mike at an early age, while later in his mid-twenties, photography became a career for him.

As a professional photographer, he has had the opportunity to work with professional models, commercial clients and, for some time, was a tour photographer for Bone Thugs n Harmony. 

In his late thirties, Mike thought it only made sense to merge all of his passions to create Audio Arkitekts, a resource for all who wander in the world of audio. With a successful YouTube channel and social media presence, StereoNET approached Mike to join the team for its newest region, North America, which he gladly accepted. 

On his appointment, Mike commented:

I'm very pleased and excited to join the StereoNET team. I've learned that if you want something bad enough, no matter your current situation, your past, or the obstacles ahead of you… work hard and you will find a way to make your dreams a reality.

Welcome, Mike!


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