Meze Audio 109 Pro Dynamic Open-Back Headphone is a Company First

Posted on 14th September, 2022
Meze Audio 109 Pro Dynamic Open-Back Headphone is a Company First

Meze 109 Pro headphones feature a 50mm dynamic driver, open-backed design and are created from responsibly sourced materials.

The 109 Pro is Meze Audio's first open-backed headphones equipped with a 50mm dynamic driver. Furthermore, the Romanian-based manufacturer has ensured that they are constructed from carefully curated and responsibly sourced materials, including walnut wood, zinc, manganese steel and vegan leather. The result, we are told, is a set of comfortable, lightweight, yet highly durable headphones capable of producing a natural, emotionally engaging listening experience.

Meze 109 Pro

Although previewed at High End Munich, it is only now that we know that the new headphones utilise the 109 series Dual-Composite diaphragm featuring a Beryllium-coated semicrystalline polymer torus, a cellulose-carbon fibre composite dome and a copper-zinc alloy ring stabiliser. 

Meze 109 Pro

Meze says that the superlight but stiff carbon fibre-reinforced cellulose composite makes it possible for the W-shaped dome to reproduce high frequencies (claimed response of 5Hz-30KHz and 40Ω impedance) and apparently also helps mitigate resonances that may lead to harmonic distortion.

Meze 109 Pro

The ultra-thin torus (22 microns) surrounding the dome is constructed from a Beryllium-coated semicrystalline polymer, which contributes to the driver's clarity and fast transient response, says Meze, adding the high dampening qualities of Beryllium also suppress unwanted resonances. Finally, around the circumference of the membrane, the ring-shaped stabiliser made of copper-zinc alloy improves the absorption of vibrations to reduce distortion even further.

Meze 109 Pro

The diaphragm is encased in a high-precision machined aluminium frame boasting superior rigidity compared to the typical plastic frames used. It also is said to retain perfect surface flatness, which is essential for the precision assembly with the diaphragm.

Meze 109 Pro

Meze Audio says that the driver in the 109 Pro is placed at a precise angle and distance from the ear to achieve the ideal anatomical fit for the most natural listening experience possible. Additionally, the spider-shaped structure and acoustically transparent grill inside the earcup expose the driver from both sides, creating Meze Audio's most open pattern to date. 

The soft, breathable velour and memory foam earpads offer the listener comfort and an excellent seal to create an immersive experience, while the self-adjusting, spring steel headband distributes weight evenly to relieve pressure.

Meze 109 Pro

Meze Audio underlines that the 109 PRO is fully and endlessly serviceable and should last you a lifetime.

Meze 109 Pro

The Meze Audio 109 PRO comes with 1.5m and 3m TPE cables with 3.5mm terminations and a 6.35mm adapter, and will sell in North America for $799.

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