Dirac Live Introduces Bass Management

Posted on 22nd December, 2018
Dirac Live Introduces Bass Management

Dirac Live has become one of the leaders in integrated room correction DSP for hardware manufacturers over the past few years.

The Swedish sound pioneers have today announced that they will launch its all-new Dirac Live Bass Management Module at CES 2019 next month.

Dirac says:

Dirac Live Bass Management Module improves bass performance and provides the most sophisticated, easy-to-use multi-subwoofer optimisation solution for both consumers and professional technology integrators.

Dirac Live was introduced seven years ago and proved a  breakthrough in digital room correction. Dirac says the new Dirac Live Bass Management Module “leverages the mathematical models and processing algorithms that have made Dirac Live so revolutionary, to produce the simplest, fastest, and most effective method for single- and multi-subwoofer system optimization. “

Its new solution is said to save time by offering the world's first predictive results analysis allowing users to see a visual representation of the predicted bass performance in-room, without the need to run repeated audible tests.

The new module will launch with three tiers, each targeting a specific segment of the market.

Tier 1 allows management of any number of subwoofers, analysing each one to create a single-optimised subwoofer channel that drives each subwoofer. It's said also to enable precise control of frequency cutoffs for all speakers. Tier 2 offers advanced setup for a single subwoofer, while also providing control over parameters and applying frequency filters to all speakers based on measurements. Tier 3 is a free module for all current Dirac Live customers and those manufactures with Dirac Live built-in (Arcam, AudioControl, Bryston, Lexicon, NAD, and StormAudio), and permits standard bass management with the added benefit of predictive results.

The Dirac Live Bass Management Module is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2019, with Dirac saying they will introduce new Live modules on a yearly basis.

Dirac Live was upgraded back in August this year with a new, easier to use interface

For more information visit Dirac.

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