dCS Announces New Generation of Vivaldi DACs, Rossini DACs, and Rossini Player

Posted on 22nd February, 2022
dCS Announces New Generation of Vivaldi DACs, Rossini DACs, and Rossini Player

For over 30 years, dCS have strived to set the standard for digital playback, using state-of-the-art technology thanks to their engineers. Next month, the British company will reveal new tech destined to make digital audio better again. 

dCS' constant innovation, and an absolute dedication to achieving the finest possible levels of sound reproduction, has led them to their next release, dCS Ring DAC™APEX. This next generation hardware will debut in the dCS Vivaldi DAC, Rossini DAC and Rossini Player, and according to the company, “delivers arange of sonic and measured improvements for dCS owners.”

dCS explains that even after a product is released, it continues to invest in developing new features and technologies, and creating novel solutions that can aid their mission to bring people closer to their favourite artists and sounds. As a consumer, it's a win-win as these innovations are made available to existing dCS owners, either in the form of freesoftware downloads, or physical upgrades that allow customersto receive the latest dCS hardware withouthaving to purchase a whole new system.

We know that purchasing a dCS product is an investment,and we strive to honour that investment through continual innovation.

With this in mind, dCS has announced they're about to launch a new version of the Ring DAC for the Vivaldi and Rossini ranges.

Following extensive research and development, we’ve made some major changes to the hardware portion of the dCS Ring DAC. We’ve reconfigured the Ring DAC’scircuitboard and developed an all-new analogue output stage.

These developments are said to reduce distortion, improve linearity, and deliver both measured and subjective improvements in a range of key areas, “taking the Ring DAC’s world-leading performance to a new level.” On March 4th, 2022, dCS will release a new generation of Vivaldi DACs, Rossini DACs, and Rossini Players.These next generation APEX models will feature the new Ring DAC™APEX hardware as standard. Of course, they will also offer the Ring DAC™APEX upgrade to existing Vivaldi and Rossini owners through a global upgrade programme.

More information will be released via a Virtual launch on February 24th, and StereoNET will bring you more information as it unfolds.

Pricing of the new models in Australia will be dCS Vivaldi Apex DAC ($59,995), dCS Rossini Apex DAC ($46,995), and dCS Rossini Apex CD/Streamer ($49,995). Local pricing has not yet been confirmed.

Visit dCS for more information

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