Big Beats from Sonos’ New Sub Mini

Posted on 13th September, 2022
Big Beats from Sonos’ New Sub Mini

Sonos has today announced its new Sub Mini, a wireless subwoofer that the California-based company claims “sets a new standard in its category for powerful, balanced bass”.

Building on its bigger sibling's design, Sub Mini is said to deliver rich, clear low end in a more compact, cylindrical design. The press release revealed nothing in terms of specifications, but a little more digging revealed the sealed enclosure comprises two dual 6-inch woofers facing inwards for a “force cancelling effect”. Two Class-D amplifiers power the drivers, which are said to be “tuned to the unique acoustic architecture”, while Sonos claims a quoted frequency response “as low as 25 Hz”. 

Measuring just 305mm tall and 230mm in diameter, Sub Mini weighs in at 6.35kg.

Maxime Bouvat-Merlin, SVP for Hardware and Operations at Sonos, told StereoNET:

We've entered a more thoughtful era of streaming that prioritises quality over quantity, with creators and platforms investing in immersive entertainment experiences that put premium sound at the forefront. Sub Mini is a welcome addition to the Sonos family, rounding out our home theatre product line-up so listeners can experience cinema quality sound that makes them feel like the main character – or player – in their favourite content.

Advanced digital signal processing is implemented to maximise bass response and “reproduce the full-toned low frequencies expected from a much larger subwoofer”. Sub Mini can be paired with speakers such as the Beam, Ray, One, or One SL, allowing them to focus on mid-range and high frequencies while crossing over to the Mini for bass response.

Adding Sub Mini to your Sonos system involves just a few taps on the Sonos app, mixing and matching with different Sonos speakers to create your perfect sound system. Sub Mini is also compatible with Trueplay, which detects and adapts the speaker's sound for reflections off of walls and furniture, giving you the best listening experience for your room and setup.

Sonos Sub Mini will be available from October 6 2022, and sell for $429 in matte black or white finish.

For more information visit Sonos

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