BENQ Announces HT8060 & HT9060 TRUE 4K HDR Projectors

Posted on 22nd January, 2019
BENQ Announces HT8060 & HT9060 TRUE 4K HDR Projectors

Just as the 4K projector market is starting to gain real traction, Taiwanese manufacturer BenQ has announced its premium 4K Ultra HD offering in the form of two projectors, the HT8060 and HT9060.

Its new CinePro Series includes the HT8060 and HT9060 models which will sell in the US for $7,999 and $8,999 respectively.

BenQ says it combined the power of its CinematicColor technology along with the latest Texas Instruments DLP chipset for true 4K UHD resolution and performance.

The company also says that the DLP chip used is a smaller version of that used by most digital and IMAX cinemas, offering 8.29 million pixels.

BenQ America Corp's Bob Wudeck, senior director, business, education and CinePro solutions said:

From start to finish, film producers and directors are invested in creating a beautiful and rich movie. Until now, golden-eye cinema enthusiasts couldn't truly get that same experience in their home theaters without a hefty price tag,

The CinePro Series breaks the mold by using the same cinematic technology and color space to recreate that awe-inspiring, true-to-life effect. These projectors are the industry's first to bring together the best DLP 4K UHD chipset, DCI-P3 color-space accuracy and HDR support that's unlike anything else available for under $10K.

Both models are THX certified, and according to BenQ, both models produce the full Rec.709 colour spectrum and 90+% DCI-P3 Wide colour gamut coverage level. 

The HT9060 combines its CinematicColor technology with Philips' ColorSpark HLD LED system to deliver the DCI-P3 colour standard, which is the commercial cinema colour standard that is wider than Rec. 709. 

The higher-spec model is also said to use a proprietary, 14-element, six-group and 4K-optimised lens that was purpose-built “to pull the image from the chip while preserving even the subtlest details in perfect clarity, which maintains the original brightness while minimising chromatic aberration.”

Being THX certified both projectors are factory calibrated with the correct gamma, black level, white level, colour saturation, brightness and contrast levels that are part of the Rec. 709 specification. However, in our experience, projectors will still benefit from in-room ISF calibration.

Both projectors are also compatible with an optional Panamorph Paladin anamorphic lens, which delivers 2.4:1 aspect ratio of commercial cinemas without letterboxing, delivering 2 million more pixels for increased brightness and detail.

The projectors feature 1.5x zoom to provide perfect imaging from a wide range of throw distances and mounting and placement options. With front facing ventilation, both models also support ceiling or shelf mounting.

Both models are available now.

For more information visit BenQ.


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