Posted on 19th February, 2017

In the wonderful wacky world of Digital audio, designers hustle to find language to describe the genuinely new.

Take Antipodes Audio for example. This devilishly clever local company scratched around for a name for its novel new DS EDGE model before settling on the designation ‘’Extensible Renderer’’.

If this all sounds as clear as a café latte, no problem. It all becomes transparent by understanding what the DS EDGE actually does. And what it does is link to home networks via a hard-wired Ethernet connection so it can talk to a server installed on the same network and process digital audio using a DAC connected by S/PDIF or USB.

Look closer and you’ll also see the DS EDGE has its own DAC and a handy 3.5mm analogue output connection that can be used to drive an amplifier.

Completing the package is an external power supply.

The least expensive model in the range, the DS EDGE comes with a bundle of upgrade options. One of the most appealing is a Server upgrade available online and this gives the EDGE full integrated Server-Renderer status because it allows users to insert their own SSD storage discs without any tools required. The upgrade is good for boosting storage capacity to 8TB.

Other upgrade options abound including the wherewith all to upgrade the EDGE to a full kosher server and mount external storage via USB or a your network.

Alternatively EDGE owners may decide to upgrade the EDGE to a server but play from internal storage by inserting SSDs.

Other may choose to leave their EDGE as a renderer. This means it can’t host its own content unless a DS HUB for example, is purchased. And…you can simply open the wallet a lot wider and add multiple EDGEs to your network and build up a dazzling distributed music system.

Most buyers will simply decide to add an EDGE to their existing music server and run Music Server Software using the EDGE to deliver digital music signals to a DAC of choice.

Edge buyers can start enjoying music from the get-go with any standard NAS, computer or laptop doing duty as a music server and streaming to the EDGE via Roon, SqueezeBox, MPD, HQPlayer or by DLNA.

The DS EDGE is available now and the matching DS HUB begins shopping from March.

Antipodes describes the DS HUB as a ‘’High-power Music Server with a large storage capability for demanding Server Apps and large music libraries.’’ Moreover it says adding a HUB to an EDGE Renderer yields a stackable small footprint powerhouse that’s very fast and has excellent sound.

For more information visit the Antipodes Audio brand page.

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