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How to set up multiroom audio for your turntable & play vinyl music in every room of your house!




Learn how to wirelessly stream your record player with synchronized multiroom audio using WiiM.


Our main setup

- Lenco LBT-225WA (with built in preamp) connected via RCA to

- WiiM Pro Plus (audio in) + RCA audio out to

- Airpulse A300PRO


Second setup

- WiiM Mini connected via optical to

- Airpulse A80PI


Now with your record player connected just follow these simple steps:

1. Add both WiiM devices using the WiiM Home App. Select the main WiiM device (connected to the turntable), browse, scroll down & select line in as the audio source.  

2. From the device tab (main device still selected) link the secondary WiiM device. Play a record & the audio will now be played by both WiiM devices. Use the app for group + independent volume control of each device.

3. Check audio is synchronized. If audio isn’t synced perfectly, this can be easily adjusted in settings, synch audio, manual synch.  


And that’s it! You can now unleash your vinyl collection and play music in every room of your home. You can also link as many WiiM devices/zones as you like (if your Wi-Fi router can handle it).

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