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After selling my big Akai I put this little Rotel integrated that I have owned since new back into my system. I noticed some crackling on the tone controls and also the input selector, so a little bit of Deoxit was required.


Classic 90s face



Lid off, and look at all that room to move!

I didn't check the bias because I don't have a multimeter at this time, but it is easy enough: TP1 (+), TP3(-) then the well labelled bias adjust to 4mV. Repeat for TP4(-) and TP2(+) and done.



Nice large spacing, made it much easier to get the straw into the pots




Came up a treat and the small amount of static is now gone.


I did notice this thread on the RA-04 looks like the internals have changed very little over the years


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Wow I had one of these years ago back in the day.

Forgot I owned it to be honest. Probably my least memorable amp.

Likely wouldn't buy another if the chance arose.

Did the job though. No complaints.

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