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Matching Sansui AU5900 & TU5900

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Item: Sansui AU5900 ONLY

Location: Sydney 2756

Price: $400ono

Item Condition: Excellent condition, all functions work.

Reason for selling: Upgrading to higher end model.

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only



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Wife made me do it! :(

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


So next week she'll have to sell equivalent value of shoes, handbags and female thingamajiggy's...

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Cheap as chips, ridiculous price for a 59. I sold mine for much more.


Absolute bargain for anyone wanting the convenience of built in phono stage (for Turntable/record player) and built in headphone access plus run four speakers if you wish as well as your cd player and put your dvd through it if you want.


Convenience in a pretty black box what more could you ask for eh.



*(I state the obvious about the phono stage as some newbies I've found don't realise that a phono stage is for a record player and even then may not be sure that a TT is actually a record player. so hope this makes sense to them)

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My 79 is on duty doing VLC driving tonight and I don't think it likes being the workhorse turned on and off at the whim of a switch.


The tube amp sitting above it is looking on smugly.


The big SS is such an easy thing to live with and I'm really genuinely happy that your discovering just what great old amps these are@Ashtray83(Rodney).


Shame you didn't see the ad when the matching tuner was on for sale as well...at ridiculous dosh...crazy crazy throwaway price.

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