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2.1 system + homemade speakers

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My 2.1 setup.


It is simple but does the job.


AV Reciever Marantz SR4001

Speakers VAF I-91 (I put them together myself, was fun building them)

Subwoofer Accusound SW-250 (ripped off the vinyl wrap and gave it a custom paint job) .... a well known subwoofer sold about 10-12 years ago.

TV 50' TCL. Happy with it for the price.

Entry level Samsung bluray player. Does a good job. CD, DVD, Bluray.

iPad plugs into front aux ports for music listening.


When listening to music I only use the VAF speakers in pure direct. Amazing speakers! .... The band pass Accusound sub is used for movies, a superb movie sub.


Second 2.0 system


Old Marantz stereo receiver from the 1980's 110w x 2. Very heavy! ... iPad plugs in to pre in and volume control of iPad used.

Homemade floorstanding speakers.

- Bass driver Sony Quick Edge Woofer.

- Tweeter Vifa BC25TG18-04 with cardboard flush mounts. But eventually I will get the tweeters flush mounted into the baffle.

- 18mm MDF.

- Satin black and grey paint which I did myself. But might repaint them high gloss black after the tweeters are flush mounted.

- Tuned to 45hz, rear ported.

- Internal foam on all walls.

- Ultra thick internal wiring.

- Great sounding speakers that can play very deep. Nice warm mids and good highs, good imaging. Can go down below 30hz. The intention was to create something average that could go deep but very pleased with the mids, highs and imaging. Excellent for powerful sounding music.

- No crossover, the capacitor attached to the woofer which filters out the highs on the tweeter. I tried a crossover once but removed it.



Grilles on.



Grilles off.



Closeup of the speakers.

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