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WTB - pair of Siemens ECC801s tubes


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I'm after a pair of Siemens ECC801s tubes to use in my Doge 8 pre. The doge really b's four of these in the line stage section. I have two and a pair of GE's. I tired four of the GE's but the sparkly top end disappeared. Back I win the two Siemens and all good again. I'm after another two to make a quad.


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Hi Glen

I thought you sold the doge 8, I will check my collection to see of I have some.

In my memory, Siemens 801 is just ok in this amp.

You should look for valvo.

Will let you know tomorrow

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I mixed JJ ECC81 gold pin and Valvo 6201 (12at7)

JJ801 is cheap, but not the valvo

this one


buy one at a time, but you have to take risk about tube matching.

I dont recommend Siemens, only thing good is the brand, was quite disappointed

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