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Anyone in Perth keen on sharing shipping of valves from Jim McShane in the US

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Anyone keen to share shipping to Perth metro as I would like to order a matched quad of Tung-Sol EL34B's and one or maybe, two other sets can be included within 1kg weight limit?




Sent: Friday, July 3, 2015 6:56 PM
To: jimmcshane@prodigy.net
Subject: Cost for matched quads of el34b to Australia


Hi Jim â€“ I am interested in tube rolling a quad of Tung-Sol EL34B in place of (expensive and getting more so as NOS are exhausted) Svetlana winged C’s into a push-pull integrated amplifier. Do you have any advice, comments or have received feedback from audiophile users on this path of action?


I would appreciate if you would advise shipped, insured cost for a quad of Tung-Sol EL34B’s tested and matched at operating conditions to Rossmoyne, 6148 in Australia.


Also, what would be the additional shipping, insurance and handling cost to included a second matched set?


Thanks in advance and I look forward to your response.






From: Jim McShane <jimmcshane@prodigy.net>

Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2015 10:55:43 -0500
Subject: RE: Cost for matched quads of el34b to Australia

Hi John,


Thank you for looking me up!


I have the EL34Bs in stock, $89.50/quad is the price (USD of course). They are an excellent tube, no question about it. I get a lot of good feedback on them.


Shipping is via Priority Mail standard service (which is fully trackable and comes with some insurance based on weight and declared value) for $49.45. This will cover shipments of up to 2 pounds in weight. For full insurance add $3.00. A second quad would only add $3.00 more for insurance. So one quad fully insured is $141.95, two quads is $234.45.


There is a less expensive shipping option, First Class which is $25.75 but it is not insurable. It is a very good service, but it would be at your risk.


I can accept PayPal, or I can accept credit cards ONLY via PayPal (you don't need an account to use your credit card). Cash/check/money order is fine too if in US funds and payable by a US bank. If you want to use PayPal or credit cards I'll send you a PayPal invoice; you can pay right from it via their secure servers.


Let me know how I can help!


Jim McShane

McShane Design





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