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I have no more Shure M97xE's, but I still have a V15RS cartridge body!

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G'day all, this is apparently the same (electrically) as the Shure V15VxMR, although the supplied stylus was originally a fairly advanced hyperelliptical stylus mounted on a beryllium cantilever, although a standard N97xE stylus fits perfectly (physically).  So I might plug in my N97xE stylus and see how it sounds. 


From what I've read, coil inductance is lower than than the M97xE and that should improve the upper high frequency response somewhat.  Worth a try anyway!  This 'Radio Shack' V15RS cartridge was gifted to me with a broken stylus (no cantilever and tip), but the coil assembly is intact.  It might work out ok.  Regards, Felix.    

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