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Introducing myself

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Hi everyone, just posting to introduce myself!


My interest in high end audio gear started with building a TOTL gaming PC, and while I knew how to assess and purchase the CPU, RAM, video cards and monitors, I realised I knew very little about how to go about getting the best sound. My journey has led me to:


- Creative ZxR PCI sound card with Audiotechnica AD-A300 (hit and miss >_<)

- Sennheiser HD650 with Schiit Valhalla (my first love, really, but started to crave for more treble and clarity)

- Hifiman HE-500 with Schiit Modi/Magni stack (much better treble, clarity and open sound, but budget restraints meant I couldn't find a higher end DAC/Amp)


More recently, I have been trying to find a more portable setup for the workplace:


- Secondhand AK100 Mk2 (sounds very good but I always wonder and regret not trying the iBasso DX90)

- Shure SE215 (good bass and mids, but again wanted more highs and treble)

- Hifiman RE-600 (couldn't resist the price drop, but the build quality is poor >_< the right channel is starting to drop out already 4 months in)

- Etymotic ER4S (love the detail and the highs/trebles, and while the bass has good texture, it lacks the slam of my other phones)


So I have come to this site looking to see what others have done, and to find my perfect IEM - good bass, without bleeding into the mids and good treble as well as good detail. Sounds like I'm asking for alot lol, but the quest for that perfect sound continues!




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