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SOLD: Graham Slee Spatia Speaker cables - banana - 2m

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Item: Graham Slee Spatia SC - 2m rca


Price: $150


Location: Leichhardt NSW 2040


Condition - Great!


RFS - due to the internal cabling in my new entertainment unit i now need 3m, otherwise these wouldn't be going anywhere.


Extra Info: Bought new from Graham Slee a couple years ago. I love these speaker cables: love love love them. They do everything right at a great price. Resolving but "musical" , transparent but forgiving with a VERY low noise floor. Very low capacitance for inductor less amps. As their name suggests they really place instruments in space - spatial excellence.


Thanks again to Ophool for putting me onto these. 


Will be replacing these with 3m versions of teh same thing I think. While listed for sale now, they are all I have so would ask for some forbearance in getting them off to the buyer. It might take a week or so.


Thanks again for looking. Stock photo as they are in use. 



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