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FS: Lambert Audio Play it By Ear headphone amplifier

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Item full name and model etc. Lambert Play it By Ear headphone amp
Location Newport 2106

Item condition description Good condition (see photos)

Price and price conditions $200 + postage

Reason for selling Time for another cull of extra gear and a change of direction

Payment Methods: Cash - Pickup, Bank deposit/transfer

Extra Info: See below

Pictures See below


Hi there, I'm selling off a bunch of extra gear.


This is a Lambert Play it By Ear headphone amplifier. it has a valve gain stage (12AU7) and single-ended MOSFET output. I bought it in the KickStarter campaign for USD250. RRP is supposedly going to be USD500 (I'm not entirely convinced by that but anyway...)


For whatever reason, the stock tube doesn't sound very good. Maybe I got a bad one. Anyway I'm including two matched and tested (on my TV-7) old stock (not new old stock, they are organ pulls, but good testing) 12AU7s. With one of those, it's nice sounding, probably not something to add to a high end DAC but it gives a nice punchy sound to midrange sources.


Audition in Sydney welcome.


Manufacturer's page is here: http://www.lambert.co.nz/Products/Amplifiers/Play-It-By-Ear


There's a review here: http://headphone.guru/the-lambert-play-it-by-ear-headphone-amplifier/


Since it's largely unknown, I will consider a return policy, as long I'm convinced that it's your intention to keep it. (You pay return postage.)


Please feel free to ask any questions below, or send me a note with a phone number if you want to talk on the phone. Or a Skype address and I'll give you a video walkthrough.


Thanks for looking, pictures follow (sorry about the color balance, something was weird with my camera that day) :)













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