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Recommendations on good quality DAC

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Hi have decided to upgrade my digital music library from old desktop pc running Windows XP with audiogy soundblaster platinum.

This has been brilliant but is out dated noisy slow & bulky, want to convert files to either flac or dvd audio. Or big wav files seeing as space is no longer an issue.

Was after a decent media player DAC with display to choosw songs songs where I can have a 4TB raid storage device hooked up to a good dac 32bit would be good with either xlr outputs or RF outputs to go to vintage amplifier. I've looked at several different dacs & have a netgear eva9000 that is ok but need to turn tv on to scroll through songs PITA. Would like to find one that has its own display and give me access to the external storage through usb or scart fibre optics.

Don't care about video this was purely for audio.

Thanks heaps for any tips on what to buy.

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Hi Lester,


There are more experienced posters here than me but to get the ball rolling how about the Oppo 103 or 105 with NAD M51? I've heard this is a good combo. I bought the M51 recently and can say from experience it is an excellent dac.


Or just get the Oppo105 as it has a built in DAC. The 105 dac is not to everyones taste so you would want to hear it first of course.

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