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WTB - TDL NFM1 tweeter(s) for rebuild project


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Hi All

I have snagged a pair of TDL Near Field Monitors (NFM1's to be precise) with wrecked cabs, so I'm going to rehouse them.

One tweeter is dead, so I need at least one replacement dome tweeter. (I'll buy two if need be.)

Can anyone assist? (Happy to pay postage to Brisbane.)

Pls PM me.




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Pretty sure the tweeters are an Audax model, don't know which one offhand though...



Edit: Can you give as much detail/measurements as possible? I have an Audax catalogue and may be able to match it. The tweeter assembly itself should unclip (by rotating it). Even if the exact part number may not be available you may be able to rwplace both dome assemblies with new matching ones.

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