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an iphone 5s as an input device

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My bro-in-law has an iphone 5s but the 'docking cradle' or 'docking port' in their household is for previous generations of iphones.  Also I'd like to offer them a decent stereo not the 20-year-old 3-in-one boombox they currently use.  I have a funky Yamaha receiver with Italian standmount speakers that ought to provide a nice sound.  So I'm looking for a device that links the iphone 5s to RCA inputs.


I last used a Mac computer in 1988. I have kept away from the walled garden (this isn't a cue for a discussion on merits of Apple vs Windows vs Android, it's a statement about why I know nothing about this stuff).


Should I buy a cable to output from from the 5s headphone socket to the Yamaha?


Or is a cradle thingy/docking station a better idea?


If so, what and where to buy?


Grateful for any advice.  Thank you.



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The audio out to 2 RCA can be bought at many SQ levels

Search eBay pay a bit more and you get better SQ

From memory I found an OZ (sydney) seller

Someone here -i dont remember who- was making these with high quality wire a year or two back

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