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NO LONGER AVAILABLE: FS: Audible Illusions L-1 Line Stage Valve Preamplifier

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Item: Audible Illusions L1 Linestage Valve Preamplifier (Black)


Location: Sydney


Price: $1500 shipped. Includes $50 donation to SNA.


Item Condition: Very good condition for age. Excellent working order.


Reason for selling: Upgrading to a new Audible Illusions preamp.


Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer.


Extra Info: The Audible Illusions L1 is a line stage and headphone amplifier that features the advanced sonics and impeccable build quality of the Modulus 3. For those listeners without turntables or LP collections, or who choose to use a high quality external phono stage, the L1 has, instead of a phono section, an ultra high quality headphone amplifier. This discrete solid-state circuit, featuring dual monolithic FETs and ultra fast ring-emitter transistors, is capable of a full 7 to 10 watts of output. This is not an afterthought or add-on circuit but an innovative design made to drive the most sophisticated headphones on the market and to rival the sound of the best amplifier/speaker combinations. At last, headphone listening need not be relegated to mass market status, the better your headphones are, the more you will reveal the L1's virtues.


This was my first ever bit of high-end hifi. Essentially this is an M3 without the phono stage. It operates using 2x 6922 valves which are easily replaceable by taking off the top cover. It is registered with the factory under my name and Sydney address - this can be verified by contacting the AI factory using the serial number). This is a factory 240V model.


I am replacing this with a new AI line stage. I have tried a number of preamps to replace this over the years and I have always returned to it while all other components of my hifi system has changed around it. It is for that exact reason that I decided to replace it with essentially a similar preamp. I would be very sad to see it go but unfortunately I have no use for it anymore. I understand this is a rare and not so known piece of hifi in Australia so feel free to PM me for any more information or if you live in the Sydney area you are welcome to visit and have a listen to it if you like.








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Hi Stedes... You are in for a treat i've had my L3 in system now for a month and it is sublime! The move from the brilliant Mod 3a was definitely worth it. The AI L3 is Art Faris's finest work to date. You will notice a level of refinement not heard before,  improved sound stages, better low level (micro details), Bass to die for! I could go on. Suffice to say you get all the fine qualities that Audilble Illusion Pre Amps are renowned for - taken to a whole new level! Your L1 is a bargin for some one who cannot stretch to the L3.


Happy listening  

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