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SOLD: FS Hifiman HE400i

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Item: Hifiman HE400i
Location: Carlton, VIC
Price: $450, RRP$600
Item Condition: 
Scratchless, Flawless.Nicely Burn in for few hundred hours (lost count). Bought in 3-10-2014
Reason for selling: Not Used
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer

Warranty: 1Year from Authorized Local Dealer


This is a lightweight planar magnetic headphones with detachable cable and massive box. The cable is terminated with a 3.5mm right angle plug.


Sound impression: Neutral with slightly tamed treble. Not warm or bright. Treble is present, not dark. Bass is well controlled. No bloat. Overall, it is a chameleon. If the recording is bright, it will be slightly bright, if recording is warm, it will be warm. Soundstage is spacious by planar magnetic standard. Mids are neither forward or recessed. it's a neutral-polite signature. Frequency extension is great. All frequency can be heard. It sounds like a HD600 with better frequency extension especially the bass. Not too difficult to drive but an amp is recommended. Driven from a phone, sound quality is about 60%. Driven from computer, 70%. A small amp will push it to 80%. I recommend at least a small amp. Without a amp, it can sound congested and sloppy, diffuse bass. Midrange is still beautifully present surprisingly. 

It looks purple in pictures. It is actually totally black.

If you need more sound impression, ask me!






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