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Anyone who has a Olive HD and Netgear router


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I purchase Netgear AC 1600 router. However i had trouble with Olive HD. I couldnt connect to the Maestro web interface. I contacted Netgear support and we tried diffrent things we also tried opening the port which we were able to do but it still wouldnt connect. Each time i tried i would get 400- bad request.


I am hoping somebody else has experince this and can advise me on what to do.

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I have an Olive 6hd

I never had much luck using maestro ( i think I got it working eventually, but had to use firefox and not safari, but the interface was clunky).

There's an Olive App from the itunes store that allows easy control/access via a phone or ipad.

I have never had a problem with it until i got the Netgear router. It is a problem with the router and the tecks at Netgear were unable to resolve it. I have the app but you cant delete music using the app. What type of router do you have?

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