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Item:  DIY Hifidiy TDA1541a DAC..... with tube output

Location:  Highett, VIC 3190

Price:  $600 

Item Condition:  Used - very good

Reason for selling:  No longer involved in HiFi

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info:


For those that know of the infamous TDA1541a DAC chip, this DAC implementation will surely impress. In fact many consider the TDA1541a DAC chip simply the most supremely musical dac chip ever made.


I have tested this Dac up to 96khz.


Most of my music collection is redbook 44.1/88.2khz


This DIY implementation consists of:


1 x Working HifiDIY dac, Coaxial spdif in, left and right analog out.  

1 x Hifi DIY DAC case, as per photos...

1 x Custom, working TDA1541a dac...

1 x Cirrus CS8414 receiver chip


1 x Sync light - for lock

2 x R core transformers

1 x Tungsram red label e88cc tube (an amazing tube) costs circa $45 alone


This TDA1541a dac was built by a commissioned qualified electronics technician.


The design encompasses shunt regulated digital and analog power supplies. It has been built from scratch with high quality Nichicon reservoir capacitors, SANYO SEPC capacitors for local decoupling, and rare Roederstein polycarbonate decoupling capacitors for the TDA1541A (The ultimate decoupling capacitor for the TDA1541A, beaten by no other capacitor in this location) The resistors are mostly Dale Mil spec, and other critical capacitors have been handpicked for best sound. The TDA1541 uses the Grundig method of DEM clocking (located under the PCB)


This is not a stock standard HiFi DIY Kit, this was the third of a batch of DAC’s made by this particular electronics technician. The choice of parts was fine tuned on earlier models. Although the parts used in certain locations may be familiar to some, this kit wasn’t just thrown together, the parts values have been carefully selected, and the entire DAC lovingly assembled. The Bennic output capacitors are actually very good, and despite trying other capacitors in this location, there was found to be very little improvement gained by swapping these out for more exotic and costly parts.


This DAC, although not directly compared, will most likely compete if not beat other tube output DACs such as Lampizator, Killer DAC etc.

This DAC is effectively a Killer DAC. Just using a few different parts and PCBs, but also assembled by a long term TDA1541A enthusiast.

This DAC exhibits all of the good traits, and none of the bad traits of a truly excellent non oversampling TDA1541A implementation. 

This NOS TDA15141a beat them all.... hands down. !!I


This DAC is extremely detailed, with exceptional bass, midrange and treble reproduction.

I have put this dac up against many dacs.....


NAD M51, Rega DAC, and many Chinese units.... even a Wyred 4 Sound Dac1.

This DAC destroyed the Lite DAC 83 for emotion and involvement.

Simply one of the most musical and enjoyable DACs for under circa $2500.....


A couple of small things to note,

Left and right outputs have been terminated back to front. I.e left is right and right is left. This was done simply to minimise signal path distance. No big deal. Easily changed if you like.


The only input terminated and active is SPDIF in.


Additionally, due to a minimised signal path strategy, no relays etc have been used, to minimise startup noises. As such this dac should be switched on before your pre-amplifier, to prevent in rush thumps on 'switch on'.


Please PM me with any questions




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