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Powered speakers for TV


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Afternoon all,


I'm looking for a DIY solution for the TV in our living room.


We have a nice LED screen in the main room of our house. It fulfils its main duties as a childminder for the kids; ABC4kids, etc.


Every now and then I actually get to sit down with the wife and watch something. (The last couple of nights that has been the BBC series, Happy Valley). A rare yet pleasing opportunity for all.


Anyway, what I'm about to say won't surprise any of us; the TV sounds terrible.


So, to the topic....


I thought I could knock up some small, powered, full-range speakers to sit on the counter and use them for the rare time I want to understand what the Yorkshire/Swedish/Arkansas/Mexican detective is actually trying to say.


Any leads on plans or experiences? I suppose I was hoping this could be a Jaycar/table saw/router/wood glue/weekend type job.


Cheers in advance. David. 

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