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Definitive Technology Bi Polar 7002 Front speakers and CLR 2002 Centre channel

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Item: Definitive Technology BP7002's & CLR 2002 centre channel
Location: Canberra ACT
Price: $1650 for the 7002's OR $1900 for the set
Item Condition: Near perfect. I have a spare sock for 1 speaker which I will replace on the speaker with more visible wear.
Reason for selling: downsizing HT size
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT
Extra Info: Looking to sell my current home theatre front speakers to downsize due to space restrictions. These are without a doubt the most amazing, versatile speakers I have owned. They are bi-polar design (speakers facing front and rear) to disperse sound around a room like nothing you will imagine. Couple this to the active subs in each speaker and you have chest thumping performance without the need for a large sub. Each speaker has a 300w RMS class D amplifier in it to power its 12" woofer coupled to 2 more 12" passive radiators.


Do your research as these are very highly regarded speakers and are no longer able to be purchased within Australia.

They are lovingly cared for and the active amplifiers are normally turned off unless watching a blockbuster movie (I have a large HT sub).

Cost $4500 new and looking to sell for a very reasonable price. 

Can organise delivery to Sydney or Canberra but NO post on these unless your organise your own courier as each speaker weights around 30kg.




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hi I must admit I cannot believe how underrated Deftech are -one of the first companies in the world to use at the time the worlds most powerful supercomputer to do the crossover calculations genius speaker designers -a sound so well balanced it is not funny . I have played various deftech setups to people with the lights out thinking they were listening to $20 k speakers and the oohs and aahs about the effortless  balanced sound etc and yet many speakers here rated much more desirable have the design of a very polished piece of furniture and the frequency response of- well  lets just say anything remotely accurate 

anyway  great deal -and with the seller still willing to negotiate on price!! crazy good deal :cool:

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Deftech had a room at the HiFi Show ... The speakers looked very similar to this and had Dolby Atmos add ons on top of them ... TBH I thought they were among the top 3 speakers at the show ... For the price (around $4000 was mentioned, sans Atmos) I was quite impressed.

I do think they had one of the better rooms though.

Red Gum and Deep Hertz rooms were also very well done!

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Thanks for the kind words guys, pity no one wants them?


Will swap for a set of Usher Audio BE 718 Diamonds or Mini X Dancers with price adjustment. Possibly interested in CM6's or similar too.

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