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Anybody see this?

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The world's most expensive audio amp.


Now, I realize the mkt for this is mainly industrial, but 160,000 watts? What enclosed space is gonna be large enuf? A sports stadium? Maybe Notre Dame Cathedral, but who's gonna blast AC/DC whole lotta rosie in there? It'd be novel but...

And who needs pristine sound in such a venue? 160,000 watts would hurt.

My ears are still ringing from a psychedelic furs show I saw 20 yrs ago, and I don't think the Butler Bros. had 160,000 watts.

If the Sheik of Araby bought one at a cool 2.2 million, would he have to fly in an electrician to upgrade his electric service to 800 amps?

I realize that this amp would probably sound great at 20 watts with whatever speakers could handle 160,000 watts, clean though they may be. But where would 20 watts BE on the volume, 1.035?

No "11" on THIS amp.

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