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SOLD: FS: Primare SPA 21 (Cheap because needs work)

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Item: Primare SPA21
Location: Canberra, ACT
Price: $420 neg
Item Condition: Front channel does not work - please see below. Otherwise cosmetically great and other channels work
Reason for selling: Not technical enough to fix / investigate myself
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

The front channels do not work. All other channels work.Those that know this amp know it is amazing. If you have the skills and patience, you can score yourself a bargain.


A forum member here Dejan he did investigate and I've copied his email below:


I took all the boards out except the main power amp board. Firstly the amp is superb - very good quality parts, excellent design and layout. All transistors are working fine - they are all sitting roughly at 40deg C. There are no obviously failed components - everything looks normal. All voltage regulators for the pre-amp work fine and the preamp outs are fully functional - rec out and the normal front out (i.e. attenuated ones).

Now the options. I do not have the magic solution but I think that something could be wrong with the output relay circuit or the relay itself (although it appears to be in fully normal shape and condition). The output relay is driven always by some sort of a protection circuit. If some transistor died in that circuit the relay will remain closed and the signal is not getting out although everything else is working fine. By the looks of it it is nothing serious but could be extremely tricky to find and replace the right part. 

Honestly I do not have a lot of time to chase the faulty component - it would probably take me couple of weeks of blind searching to be able to fond it. If it was my amp I would probably do it but not for someone else.


Pictures: (please let me know if you want any specific pics taken)




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