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Sarah McLachlan - BNE 05/02, SYD 07/02, MEL 09/02 - 2015


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Might get tickets for Perth, I like her early stuff,then she seemed go all MOR.



MOR = Man Of Robes? Mullet On Rye?


Got me on that one :blink:



I like her but haven't heard any recent material, very tempted by this one.

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Anyone got a code that'll get me into Pre-Sales with Ticketmaster?


My sister got me into Sarah when she was still on Netwerk Records back in the 90's - I used to poo poo her taste, but once the Delirium remix of 'Silence' came out, I was hooked.

Have bought everything of her's since, and yet to see her live. I'll be shouting my sister a ticket, of course!!



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