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November Meeting in Greenslopes


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Matthew G's QAC meet at Greenslopes will be held next Saturday …

Date: Saturday, 18th October
Time: 12:00 – 5:00 pm
Lunch: QAC to provide BBQ - arrive for 12:00 pm to eat circa 12:30pm
Location: Greenslopes, Queensland

Equipment …

·        Nakamichi Dragon CT Turntable

o   My Sonic Labs Ultra Eminent Bc cartridge

o   DIY Hifi Supply Cole LCR MC step up

·        Tentlabs CD player

·        Ampex ATR102 R2R

·        Bottlehead Repro custom valve output stage

·        Supratek Syrak pre (but I hope to have an 801A preamp built in time)

·        Nakamichi Dragon Electrostatic speakers

·        Stax SRM-T1 Valve energiser

o   Stax SRM Mk3 headphones

o   Stax SR-007 headphones (should be here in time from Japan)

o   Audio Technical AT-HA22 TUBE  headphone amp

o   Grado SR325

Matthew writes …â€A separate area will be set up for people to listen to headphones with a dedicated CD player. If you have a pair of Stax headphones that you want to hear against the SR-007, bring them along and plug them in.

I have a variety of cables, both DIY, Nordost Tyr and KLE Innovations Essence GZero10.

Tweek stuff. I recently received pile of Panzerholz ply that I am using for isolation. Everyone can give it the tap test. It seems to be doing the business.â€

Usual club courtesies … nibbles, cake, alcohol and/or soft drink always welcome.

Please RSPV me if you’ll be attending.

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