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EOI: Wyred4Sound DAC2 DSD SE & Wyred's own 2TB Music Server.

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Item: As above

Location: Melbourne

Price: 3K

Item Condition: excellent as new dac is only 6 or so months old, server around 18 months old. 5.5K RRP!

Reason for selling: looking at getting oppo 105 to share surround and two channel duties.. (Experience comments welcome)

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info: with boxes and all, equipment is in pristine as new condition.

Comes with wyreds own I2s interconnect which alone is $300

Pictures: ill post after in an out of their cartons...

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Hi Towny,


I have the above setup as well with the exception of an Oppo 95 as opposed to the 105 and a Core audio linear PSU for the Music Server, which replaced the stock SMPS.


I wouldn't imagine the stock Oppo is going to be able to match your W4S setup to be honest. I imagine with JLTi mods or similar you'll get the same performance, although I've never heard one. I appreciate that the Oppo is going to serve other roles which is an advantage.


At $3K, this is a total bargain for someone for 2 channel duties.





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