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FS: Redgum 120ENR Integrated Amp (155W into 8 Ohm)

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Item: Redgum 120ENR Integrated Amp (155W into 8 Ohm)

Location: Sydney (or Melbourne - see explanation below)

Price: $1,300

Item Condition:Good condition

Reason for selling: upgrade to its better version with remote control

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,  COD - direct transfer

Extra Info: I bought this 2 years ago from another SNAer to replace my previous Redgum 60ENR (110W into 8 Ohm), very happy with 120 ENR until I sent it to Redgum Melbourne to fit the remote control and to fix up the loose Balance Knob, but I have been convinced by Lindy to upgrade to better version. I asked Lindy to hang on to the amp there just in case the buyer to be is in Melbourne, if in Sydney Lindy will either send to me or directly to the new owner.

The amp has plenty of grunt (remember 120 ENR pronounced E-N-R for Ian R(obinson) ), mosfet, leaning toward warm side hence driving my ProAc 3.5 beautifully, no lack of power for these big floor stander speakers. This amp has Balance Knob rather than separate left channel and right channel knobs so you only need to turn up the Volume Knob once it's balanced. The current model is $3,550 : http://redgumaudio.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50 , so consider a previous version for 1/3 of new price. Free delivery or pick up at Bankstown or Redgum Audio Emerald Vic 3782. Please note Redgum Audio has excellent service, very friendly and prompt even within 1 day if required.

Pictures: As it's in Melbourne now, I only have one photo in my laptop. 


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Here is extract from Lindy:

Dear Tung,

If "they" have any doubts about your version of the documented history of the model, perhaps now would be a good idea to direct them (just as a reference) to the Indiegogo site


to the Summary, paragraph 5 where, in a roundabout way it states that the 120ENR has only had the SignWave heatsink since 2005.

Your unit is made in 2002, and again the Indiegogo site notes that the lowest price ever for the RGi120ENR was in 2001, (though the year the model was first made was in 1999).

So, that is an absolute yes, it is a RGi120ENR and to prove it I have attached the Test Report, just in case it did not come with the unit when you bought it. It is correct for the specification of that era. (Our models evolve without announcements of new versions!) And remember, what actually makes the music is the Transient Power capability and in your case, that is 255 Short term WRMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hm! I have no one interested in this amp yet, willing to drop the price down to $1,200 but will not include free shipping. Still can be free pick up in Melbourne.


Maybe it's not good time to sell? last time (2 years ago?) I sold 60ENR for around $1,200 I think, and this 120ENR has much more grunt than 60ENR. Offer ends 5:37pm sharp this Sunday 19/10. If not sold I will keep it and no upgrade.

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