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Funk firm achromat II

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I recently acquired an achromat II for my Rega and thought i ahould report on it.

I have a P3-24 with an Ortofon blue. Over time I have switched in an Audiophile subplatter and new bearing, the original funkfirm achromat and now the achromat II.

Everything has brought improvements and all the mods have been worthwhile, but nothing has changed things like the Achromat II. The biggest changes are about resolution and soundstaging. Im listening to Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain at the moment - im not hearing anything new but the resolution of every instrument and its precise placing on the stage has improved enormously - I've also got a depth in the stage, as well as side to side, which i didnt have before. The top end also seems to be more extended.

Im no audiophile and my ears arent that educated, so the biggest question is: do i prefer it? I think I do but the jury is still out. It is very different and far more demanding of attention. Tom Waits' voice on Blue Valentine is a little less nicotine stained, Bill Evans piano is a little harder edged, Miles' trumpet is a bit more cutting. Maybe a bit of the old rolled off charm has gone.

I'm sure ill get used to it, that is at least until my new speakers arrive and things change again.

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