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Country music or what young people know as Alternative Country or Alt country

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I wish she would bring John Prine with her

He made a really good DVD a few years ago and she sang on about half of it

Just bought tickets for Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell at Broadbeach

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More Louvin Brothers

Possibly my favourite record cover or at least one of them

Gospel songs

perfect for Sunday's and Monday to Saturday as well

I much prefer The Louvins to Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hutchins

If they listened to them they would realise how irrelevant they are


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This is Emmylou singing a Louvin Brothers song

In the middle of the picture is Linda Ronstadt and on the right Clarence White an extraordinary country player and member of the Byrds

Died young on a motorbike from memory


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No I just bought the CD.

Tragic Songs of Life is also on the way.

Just bought a box set of 6 cd with their collected works as brothers

Very addictive super singing and great music

Been reading about them on the net

Ita is classic country music

God fearing songs and a short life fighting his demons

One of his wives put a few rounds in his chest

We should have a gtg

A country music gtg

Listen to the songs instead of the stereo


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This is a supergroup of alt country players before there was any such thing

Alejandro Escovedo Michael Hall and Walter Salas Humara who I am not familiar with from a band called The Silos in the 80's and 90's

Alejandro Escovedo is on the rock n roll side of country and has played in punk bands and cow punk bands Rank and File mentioned previously by someone here

Michael Hall was also a punk player in the Austin music scene

By punk we are talking American as opposed to British type

Michael Hall cds are available as are Alejandro Escovedo who still records and plays today in concerts that get rave reviews

He was also the artist of the decade according to No Depression a country music alt mag

Michael Hall writes for a Texas Magazine that covers arts and politics

Well worth checking out with great singing and writing and a rocking cover of The Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog


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Ahh the wonderous Loretta Lynn

Jack White loves her enough to produce a record of hers

Country music before it became a dirty word

Unfortunately most of the record spinners here would hate this

But if you were born in the 50's or 60's and wonder about what sort of life their housewife mum lived it is perfectly summed up here in a few verses of concise writing and nuanced singing that finishes with a sort of joke on herself

Worth looking up


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The saddest singer of all time

I once read a book about him and his short 29 year life read like one of his songs

In physical pain from back problems he wore a corset from memory to help keep his back straight when performing

I think that introduced him to prescription drugs

And alcohol and women fuelled his personal life and poured out in sad song after sad song and remains the prototype for sad singers today

Even Jason Molina sounds cheerful alongside this stuff


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Just a bunch of clean cut kids playing in a country band

Clean shaven crew cuts the neat and tidy look that sold a million records and shed tears all over America

But off stage it was pants down and empty bottles and stolen sex with whoever happened by

And then home to the house the wife and John Howard's picket fence that served as a refuge from a

back stage a soap opera of cheating and drinking that became an endless source of real life material that ruined many a life not just Hank's


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Hoyt Axton is one of my favourites but sadly never got much recognition in Australia during his lifetime.

He wrote a lot of songs which were recorded by others and occasionly covered other peoples songs

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Only when I take the picture

My iPad takes lousy pictures and then takes clear ones

Also it is a 27 inch screen which seems to make it worse

Also depends on how or what I am using to show the graphics

Add me and you have odd less than good pictures

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