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Hello everyone, 


I am soon going to be the new owner of a pair of CDJ 800 mk1's. I always have liked these players and I saw these on Gumtree for a really low price so I thought I'd snap them up. Now all I need is a mixer.... I only need a 2 ch mixer with some effects and an adjustable cross fader as I am going to learn how to scratch. I am currently looking at the DJM 909 as they are going cheap now and would be perfect for what I want it for. If anyone has any suggestions for a good mixer with the specs I am wanting please let me know. I am wanting to spend a maximum of $200 (I know its nothing, but I am fine with second hand).


Cheers, Andrew

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Nicely done! The CDJ800mk1s are excellent decks. I transitioned to a pair of these in 2005 and offloaded my SL1200s, and they do a pretty good job of emulating the feel of using vinyl. My pair were bullet-proof. I sold the lot when kids arrived, and have only recently acquired a pair of CDJ1000mk3s so that I can relive the 'good old times' when I actually get a spare moment to myself ;)

A DJM909 would be fantastic for your needs. Excellent adjustability, great build quality, and the effects are superb. I'm surprised at now cheaply these can be bought for nowadays!

If you weren't scratching I'd direct you towards Allen and Heath. I love their sound quality (having trialled 5 mixers recently to identify which has the best sound quality) but unless you buy their latest and greatest (ie. $$$$) then their mixers aren't much good for scratching! The crossfader isn't up to it.

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