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Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2

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I've listened to a few bookshelf sized speakers recently, my favourite being the Vienna Haydn. However I'm drawn to these Sierra-2 speakers from Ascend due to the RAAL tweeter and favourable feedback from a number of people that I've come to respect in terms of opinion.

I think I've decide to grow a big pair of cajones and buy a pair of Sierra-2s with the Horizon centre upgraded with RAAL tweeter, without hearing them first.

Not sue why I am writing this here, no one seems to have the Sierra's  - I guess I'm looking for a critical opinion on my decision. I'm incredibly sceptical and critical of other peoples decisions but weak as the skin on rice pudding when it comes to my own...


The idea was to by these and if I don't like them, sell them. If I doo like them then I would consider either buying another pair of Sierra-2s for surrounds or buying 2 more Horizons as mains and moving the SIerras to surrounds.

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So far this is my favourite SNA thread, seeing that I have it all to myself.

I'm 99% of the way to ordering a pair of Sierra-2s and Horizon centre with RAAL upgrade. Just got some photos of the Horizon cabinet. I'm really liking the full natural wood no veneer look. This is bamboo with a satin cherry red stain.




I now need to look for speaker stands for the Sierra-2s. Looking for 600 - 650mm high ones with a completely flat base. These ones by Dynaudio look nice to me, does anyone know if the top plate it horizontal to the floor? It looks angled on the picture but that could be parallax error. I'd be interested in hearing other suggestion for similar stands that can be sand filled for around the same price (no more than $400).



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Guest VladimirFreddie

Perhaps the lack of response is due to a lack of knowledge of the brand?


I'm hoping you've heard them before buying?

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No, haven't heard them so I am taking a big gamble and am basing this on favourable feedback from a couple of sources that share a similar mindset and musical tastes. You only live once - I reckon I could make that into a meme...

I'm not overly surprised that there not much response, these speakers were only released this January.

I'm just sharing my journey.

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