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I have to pay some bills so I am reluctantly selling my system.


  • Bel Canto Evo2 power amp: balanced and unbalanced inputs - 240w/channel 4 channel configuration, 600w/channel 2 channel configuration SOLD
  • Bel Canto Pre6: pre amplifier: balanced output and a mix of unbalanced and balanced inputs
  • Bel Canto DAC2. -- SOLD
  • Dynaudio Contour 1.3 Mk II Stand mounted loudspeaker (stands not included)
  • AQVOX Phono 2 CI Phono stage - SOLD
  • OPPO 105 SOLD

Location: Bathurst, NSW


  • Bel Canto Pre6 WAS $1500 NOW $1250
  • Dynaudio Contour 1.3 Mk II WAS $1500 NOW $1280

All prices are OBO
Item Condition: All items are in excellent condition and working well
Reason for selling: I need the funds
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: There are lots of reviews of these items out there, I highly recommend trawling the web for more information regarding these little beauties. They have provided me with much pleasure over the past few years but unfortunately I have to pass them on.

I can send more pictures on request




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I am unsure of the age of the Dynaudios

I suspect 8+ years, but their performance belies their age. They replaced a pair of magneplanar 1.6s which my wife was very unhappy about (size) and to be honest i did not miss the maggies after putting in the Dynaudios. They have a slightly smaller stereo image but believe it or not, are more transparent. In any case this is going to hurt; i have a pair of rogers which i will use in their place but they sound congested in comparison with the dynaudios

Anyway i have a different set of priorities at work at the moment

Over to you

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Very good and versatile phono stage, used one for 5 years without issue.

Designed by Carlos Candeias of BMC. Impossible to beat in balanced mode at that price.

I love it, even single ended it is a fantastic phono stage and very versatile.

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There has been a fair bit of interest in the EVO4. So to save time:

It is definitely an evo4 - 4 channels bridgeable to 2. I have had an evo2 and loved it but the evo4 when run in 2 channel bridged mode is a completely different beast

I have never had any problems with the amp (I am the second owner) it is extremely reliable and runs quite cool

I am very slightly flexible on the price (these were $4500 from new)

I will ship to Anywhere in Australia at the buyers expense.

The amp is I believe 10 years old. There is no warranty

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If this is a gen 2 4 they are worth over $2k generally.. This is a bargain and the only better Combo from BC is a pair of eVo2, is you want to double your spend for a couple of extra caps... gen2 units are nearly extinct on the 2nd hand market cause no one wants to part with them...

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