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These are cracking good speakers. I have the Amphion Argon 2 Anniversary and the matching 12" sub, all in gorgeous birch, in my main system. Notwithstanding my wonderful wife's "I didn't know Ikea did speakers now" comment, I love them.


Aside from their all-round awesomeness, they do the best rendering of struck instruments (including piano) I've ever heard.


As far as I'm concerned, Finland's gift to the world has been rally drivers and Amphion, and that's plenty.


Lucky buyer.

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I don't have a great room for Music + don't have a great System to run these Speakers. Just  a small lounge room 3.5mW x 4.5mL full of furnitures, Also I only have a classic Musical Fidelity X-A200R Integrated amp & Classic CD player, So I can't give these Speakers a full Sound which is it can produced & it been sitting there for almost over a year. Currently I have the Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MKII bookshelf speakers to play with is more than enough for my lounge room. 




I'm willing to trade for a Good CD player ( Consonance Droplet )Or a Mono-Block Power Amp ( Wired4sound or Bel canto) + some cash. Thanks

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