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Melbourne Audio Club monthly meeting - Omni Audio


8pm Wednesday 16th July, visitors welcome.

Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices
Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading
Melway Map 48 Ref G9
Contact: 9437 1249


Omni Audio as the name implies, is a Victorian audio manufacturer who specialises in omni-directional speakers. With full range Lowther drivers in the four different models, they are described by their designer, Chris Maude as a simple, elegant design with real performance


"At Omni Audio, we build our enclosures from custom-made cylindrical tube. They are very strong and stiff, the walls have no flat surfaces and are therefore non-resonant. No bracing is required internally by our enclosures and sound waves have no obstruction to the port. Omni Audio speakers are configured with the driver in a vertical position at the top . At the bottom and top of the enclosures are the wave guides that produce the omnidirectional nature of the design. They are conical in shape and sit directly above the driver at the top and directly below the port at the bottom. They direct the sound waves from both driver and port on-axis to the listener, where ever they may be sitting. They will simply fill your room."


Chris will bring two of his speakers for the club demonstration. The entry level model Euphony, which uses the Lowther PM6C driver, and sells for $2595, and his top model the Maestro. A 96 dB speaker that employs the Lowther DX3 driver, and retails for $3295. The speakers stand 83cm high and can be ordered in any colour. The electronics for the night will be a Luxman Integrated valve amplifier, and an OPPO 95 will be spinning the discs. Chris will also bring a T-Amp to demonstrate how easy it is to power his speakers with small amplifiers.


The implementation of Lowther drivers in such an unusual configuration will be a very interesting night at the MAC. Simply not to be missed.


Nick Karayanis
Program Co-ordinator





Ken Tripp
Wise and Wonderful Webmaster
Melbourne Audio Club, Inc.



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Sorry for the delayed reaction, but was there any follow up to this show?


What were people's impressions of these speakers?


How do they compare to conventionally designed speakers in terms of actual sound quality?



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