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SOLD: Sanders Magtech monos

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Item:Sanders Magtech monos
Location:Hunter Valley NSW
Item Condition:Excellant 
Reason for selling:Moving & selling my Magnepans
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal.
Extra Info: These are not something that come along often & are a superb & powerful set of mono amps. Bought December /13



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Gimme your address.



I'll be around shortly to knock some sense in to you (it might get messy).


I think the Buddhists or Zoroastrians have something to say about what you do when your reaching Nirvana or approaching it.


I'll try to find that word  and tattoo it on your inner eye.


GLWTS...but seriously, Magtechs time two and you wanna move away?

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Guest Crystara

Sorry to sound ignorant but everything in the two photo's is included in this price and is required to run these speakers correct

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Thank Gordon all you like bzr but I think I still need to come round and disabuse you of the notion that you can do better than ...TWO SANDERS AMPS!!!!




Edit: They're almost delicate in their small size are they not and yet they're ridiculously powerful aren't they. Beautiful things and I'm surprised that anyone would want to be rid of them.


Obvious question is: what are you replacing them with, where are you headed Master bzr?

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I've heard these amps with the ambience reference 1600 wow they are really good amps when you need the power plus people in the audio world have the greatest respect for his design. Highly recommend this product for those who need power or there are great match for ribbon speakers, etc.


Good luck with the sale... :bump:  :bump:  :bump:

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