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"Perfect " Pop Song

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I'm not sure there is a recipe for 'the perfect pop song' other than to start with the chorus and ensure plenty of repetition. How did that skit go on The D Generation? "The product name. What - the product name? Yes - the product name! Oh, the product name." Rinse and repeat.

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i  love this clip, the attitude the message the whole deal. I goes for over 3 minutes but it the essence of rock n roll.



Isn't that a rock n roll song

Make that a great rock n roll song

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3 minutes is not long enough for stuff like this:

Maps -Yeah Yeah Yeahs

But I can balance it out with 1:42 of this:

Spiderbait - Buy Me A Pony

Total for two songs: about 6min

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Exceeds 3 minutes, but I'm sure it meets all the other criteria, and it should be posted today.

Haha I had a feeling it was that one.



How come in your post only the link shows up but in mine it's embedded when quoting yours....?


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And coming in at 2:53, here's one for tomorrow.  S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y


A contender for the "Artists that sound the same" thread.

BCY and Marc Bolan & T-Rex.....


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A  few old Australian ones:


Wild One - Johnny O'keefe

Everlovin' man - The Loved Ones

Undecided - Masters Apprentices

Eagle rock/Come back again - Daddy Cool

Girls on the Avenue - Richard Clapton

Help is on its way -LRB






Another more recent Australian one and something the whole family loved.  Only a tad over 3 min.

Rock It.



Was a shame they called it a day, they were a great live act.

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