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NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Withdrawn from sale - Velodyne CT100 Subwoofer

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Item full name and model etc:  Velodyne CT 100 subwoofer, matt black. Purchased new in 2001.

Location: Adelaide
Item condition description: Excellent - no marks, no environmental hazards. Has been kept in the same room, not shifted around or exposed to any unpleasantries.
Price and price conditions: $200 - firm. 
Reason for selling: 'itis  :) 
Payment Methods: Cash, PayPal or as negotiated
Extra Info: Dimensions are 38cm W, 41cm H, 41cm D. Power is 100W which easily fills my 4.5m x 5.5m room. Made in US&A.

Specifications from the Velodyne website include:

   Built-in 100 watt (RMS) power amplifier (CT -100) 

• Subwoofer Direct - switchable crossover bypass 
• Adjustable (40 to 120hz) low-pass crossover 
• 85 Hz high-pass crossover (CT -100) 
• Line-level inputs & outputs 
• Speaker-level inputs & outputs 
• Signal senSing auto turn on/off with bypass option 
• Variable volume control 
• Selectable phase control (0 or 180 degrees) 
• Dual staggered low-pass crossover; 12dB/octave initial, 
  24dB/octave ultimate 
• Anti-clipping circuit 
• Over excursion protection
Local sale only due to weight of item. Can help with delivery.





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