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Channel Balance Problem

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Hi, I have a very annoy issue with some records I play.  There is clearly a channel imbalance between the left and right channels but some records will sound fine.  My setup is:
Turntable - modded Rega Planar 3

Cartridge - Denon DL160

Phono pre-amp - Ray Samuels Audio Nighthawk

Amp - 40W Quasimodo

Speakers - PSB Tower T6 


The turntable is level according to my small spirit level,,  The cartridge has been aligned using a Mobile Fidelity Geo Disc and the cartridge weighted using a Shure Stylus Pressure Gauge.


So does anyone have any advice?  I would appreciate any help!  Thanks in advance.

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The two things in cartridge that can contribute to this are the bias setting and the azimuth.

That said, if some records sound balanced and some do not, it might suggest that the recording is the problem.

The only solution there is to have a balance control and use it.

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