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SOLD: FS: ME55 Power Amp

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Item: ME 55 Power Amp
Location: Wollongong
Price: $350
Item Condition: A few scratches and dings toward the back of the chassis and one on the faceplate, as shown in the photos
Reason for selling: raising funds for upgrade
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, EFT
Extra Info: Amplifier has had its input impedance raised to enable it to be used with most pre-amps, the out-of-phase output stage reversed to improve imaging and bias corrected. Work carried out by  ME qualified tech (forum member Zaph)


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That looks like one that was on ebay a month ago. What is the power rating of this amplifier?

80 Watts/channel @ 8 Ohms. 30 Amps of peak current, if memory serves. It will comfortably deal with 2 Ohm loads.

The key to understanding ME power ratings, is to ignore the model number. Although it does bear relation to power output, it is not in the way that you'd imagine.

A little history on the ME55:

Back in the early 1980s, ME dealers had been asking Peter Stein to build an integrated amplifier, so they could introduce a new set of listeners to ME sound quality. He explained that he would never build an integrated amp (shh, don't mention the ME240). Peter devised the ME55 (which is basically a cut-down ME75b), which was sold with an ME preamp. The preamp obtained it's power via the 5 pin DIN connectors at the rear of the ME55 to keep costs down. To further control costs, the ME55 eschewed the use of external heat sinks, employed smaller than usual capacitor banks, a small, single wound power transformer and used lower spec output devices than the ME75. Additional features of the ME55 included:

* A low input impedance.

* The ability to be easily bridged for more power output.

* One channel was operated out of phase, to place fewer demands on the power supply.

* Many of the qualities devised for the ME75b & ME75c, making it superior in some ways to the ME75.

Many ME55 amps were subsequently upgraded with superior main filter caps and ME75 output devices. If recall correctly, the ME55 being offered for sale has these features. I can confirm that all small electrolytic caps have been replaced, the bias current adjusted to spec and the out of phase feature has been removed.

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