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Cartridge tracking force ?

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Hi All

I have just purchased a generic replacement stylus for my Ortofon  OM10 cartridge from Turntable experts via ebay and am very happy with it .Big improvement on the OM stylus that came with the cartridge ,although this could be due to the age and amount of use of the original. The stylus was grey in colour and the spec is diamond elliptical .4 x .7 mm  with a tracking force of 1.7 to 3.00 grams. They also sell a similar stylus that is black, has the same spec apart from a tracking force of 1.0 to 2.0 grams and  costs $6 more. 


Would the cartridge stylus with the lower required tracking force have better sound  or just not wear out my records so quick?

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Not necessarily either of those things.

Without more information it is likely that they have different suspension and therefore compliance and so are suited to tonearms of differing effective mass.

The one specifying lower VTF would be higher compliance and more suited to lighter arms.

That would be my guess at any rate.

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Thanks for feed back provided so far.As a relitive newbe to the equipment side of record collecting this site is helping me learn a lot. I have the owners manual downloaded from .It states that I can use a cartridge between 3 and 9 grams.

 So to clarifiy my question

On the basis that I have a Rotel RP850 ,with standard arm does any one think I would get any benifit ,such as improved sound or less wear on my records if I purchased the other stylus that has the lower  VTF and if so why.

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There is no information in the VE tonearm database nor in your user manual as to the effective mass of your tonearm.

This would be the information required to properly address the question.

The weight of cartridge that can be used is related to the mass of the counterweight and tells nothing about the effective mass of the arm.

At a guess the arm you have will be medium mass and the stylus you have will be the most suitable.

Again at a guess, the lower VTF stylus would have been intended for the very light arms such as the SME III series developed for the Shure cartridges in particular.

If you wish to investigate whether the stylus you have is a suitable match for your arm, then you will need a test record that will allow you to check the resonant frequencies of the arm and cartridge combination.

Counter intuitively, lower VTF does not necessarily mean lower record wear and sound quality is more dependent on good tracking and matching of arm and cartridge than on outright VTF numbers.  

Good tracking requires correct setup of all parameters.

Many fine sounding and well respected cartridges track at over 3 grams.

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Thanks ophool

I had always assumed that the lighter VTF the stylus was designed for the better. As I am happy with the sound from the stylus and I have it set at the corect VFT I will leave it at that and move to the next part of my sytem that could be improved.

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