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Building a set of speakers. Looking for cones


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Hi there

I have always wanted to build my own set of speakers. I have a valve amp so I'm looking for a wide range set of cones. Sensitivity from 90 db upwards. Say about a 6 inch diameter


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Hi again Linc

I have had a look at he fostex site. They seem quite reasonable.

They also have some fairly good speaker plans on there.

I might get a pair at that price and just see how they go.

Or bite the bullet and risk the Roth of her indoors and order the Lowthers

Thanks heaps though

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There are also a lot of aftermarket designs too. Some look exceptional. Being over here in perth it's hard to find some to listen too so I can really only comment on looks!

I use a pair of DX2 lowthers in my current set up and they are a lot smoother and more detailed than the fostex. Worth the extra cost if you can get it past the department of finance.

Jordan drives are another that spring to mind but having myself started with fullrange drivers and now running a 4 way system. My advice to anyone looking at fullrange drivers is to have a think about the type of music you love to listen too. I speak generally when I say, fullrange excel with simple music. Acoustic, simple classical that type of thing. But struggle with more complex types. I found myself, normally quite eclectic, limiting myself to mainly acoustic covers of the songs I love.

Can you tell us any more about your plans Bill? Don't be shy!

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I have some saba greencones (oval) and matching tweeters.

Also, 12" concentrics with 3.5 tweeter.

all alnico and up there re sensitivity.

pm me if interested.

(in brisbane)

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