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speaker stand

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Item: steel speaker stand
Location: perth
Price: 50
Item Condition: good
Reason for selling: clearing room/need fund
Payment Method: perth pickup only - cash
Extra Info:

Speaker stand approximately 60cm high


I can never used this speaker stand as I have kids hence like to passed this on to whoever interested. perth pickup only coz i haven't got packaging box for these.

I have tried putting speaker on the stand, it stands fine as long as you don’t have kids/ pets running around the house. :D

If you ever wonder why is the stand bending backward? I wouldn’t have a clue as well. I did seek advise from 'hifi guru' in my local town, the reason it is bending back so it could reduce vibration therefore dissipate the chakra from the speaker & the ground therefore isolate more and I just confused myself...

Well basically, the basic idea is it enhance listening compare to straight stand. maybe some of the hifi gurus here can enlighten us more. :party

And yes, it got spikes.







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